Organizing A Wedding: The Basics

If you ask anyone about which day they look forwards the most (and dread the most too), after their 1st “adult” birthday party, no doubt, they’ll probably say that it’s their wedding. Though men never talk about it, they too, just like women, dream about their wedding day. True, perhaps they don’t have most of their wedding plans already organized in their heads; but then, neither do most women.

But the need to think about it, becomes a must when you get engaged. Perhaps you don’t have an immediate date planned out for the wedding, or perhaps your engagement is going to be a long one; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of the basics at least.

Here’s what you need to prepare for.

The guest list

In our opinion, this is the peskiest detail you need to take care of when it comes to weddings. This becomes especially a problem when you know and keep in touch with everyone—from your school friends, to your Facebook “poke” friends. Making a list with the most important guests, then adding or removing people from it can take a long time. Getting to start on this earlier will make things easier for you in the future.

The caterers

One of the most important things that people remember from weddings (and the reception dinner) is the food; so it’s important that you know ahead of time about to hire best caterers in town. If you live in Australia, then wedding catering Canberra will hardly be a problem. Either way, meet up with you “potential caterers” whenever you have time, and discuss their prices. It’s also a good idea to get samples of their food, to help you decide.

The venue

Like the reliable wedding catering in Canberra, the venues also should never be a problem in Australia. But if you have time in advance, make it a point to visit all the venues you have in mind (unless you plan on having a destination wedding). this will make it easy to book it as soon as the date has been set. You’ve already read how important booking the venue is, we’re sure. It’ll help you reduce the cost for it, and also keep away the last minute stress.

The cameraman

If you have already selected a photographer for your pre wedding shoot, then no doubt, you’ve already been looking into and looking for the perfect wedding photographer. After all, this is the person who’s going to make the memories of your big day last forever; so you’ll have to be picky about your choice, and we don’t blame you. More often than not, the pre wedding photographer you used would most probably be your wedding photographer too; making it one less thing to worry about.

The important thing is to keep a list of your “potentials” and perhaps a small note next to them explaining why you chose them (just in case there’s a huge gap between your engagement date, and wedding planning, and you forget why you chose them).

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